Another Random Thursday? Dude what’s up with that?

Yes, yes, it’s true.  Two weeks in a row with no Friday posts.  I know…I’m lame.  It just so happens that I’m going to be out of town again this weekend and I’ll be leaving early Friday morning.  And as much as I love you people, nothing witty or interesting is going to come from my brain at 6:00am.  Of course, we have Thanksgiving next week, so there’s a good chance that I wont be posting that Friday either. (Because are you really going to be checking your e-mail the Friday after your gravy and pie induced coma?  I didn’t think so.)

Anyway, here is this weeks random post:

-For the first time, my blog was linked from another training blog.  One of the owners (John Hartman) of the gym I train out of, set up a link on his blog to my post from Monday, Letting things slide (at times).  I felt it was a pretty good read, and apparently a few of you did too, including John.  I believe his words were “this post could be the Magna Carta of our time”……or something like that.  You can give John some love here.

-Earlier this week, Tony Gentilcore posted a variation of the Pallof Press (which if you’re a client of mine you know these all too well) that I’ve been incorporating in my sessions.  I really really like it.

-I’ve got some new “before” and “after” pics of a client of mine.  I have to say that I think these are pretty impressive.  I’ll probably be putting these up the start of next week.

-Yesterdays post brought in the most views I’ve had in 4 weeks.  I guess that’s what happens when you post a link on Facebook titled “get a great butt work out!”  I think I’ll be working the word “butt” into more of my titles.

-Have a good Friday and pre-Thanksgiving weekend!


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