Random Thursday?

I’m leaving early tomorrow morning to fly to Seattle for a conference.  Since my flight leaves at 6:30am, I’m pretty sure I wont be getting up in time to write a “Random Friday” post.  So I’m doing whole random thing today.  Let the random begin!

-The holidays are quickly approaching, which means (for most people) some weight gain is on it’s way as well.  Go into this holiday season with some kind of forethought as to how you will get to 2011 without needing to buy a new pair of pants.  (Hint: eating everything in site at every party you go to isn’t a good plan.)

-It’s Veteran’s Day, so thank a Vet!

-I got a Jeep this last spring after I totaled my previous car.  I love it.  Just saying.

-I believe that if people took more time to simply play, obesity and being overweight in our country wouldn’t  be near as big of a problem.  By “play” I mean being active.  Playing tag with your kids, going for a bike ride, playing a game of H.O.R.S.E. with your friends, etc.  I think we underestimate the huge benefits of simple movement.  I truly believe that if we just moved more, we wouldn’t have a lot of the problems we have in our society. (Maybe there is a blog post here.)

-I don’t know if you’ve seen Battle At Kruger, but this video is incredible, a bit long (8 minutes) but worth the watch!  Mother nature never fails to amaze.

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend!


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