Good reads

Yesterday was an interesting day.  The morning was great, and then when the afternoon hit, it kind of fell apart.  My wife and I planned on completing the seemingly simple task of purchasing a dog house for our dog.  Several hours later, we had been to a few different stores, waited for almost an hour to get a dog house we had bought but then had to return because they couldn’t get it to fit together right, and finally bought another one somewhere else.  Basically the afternoon was a bit of a bust.

However, I wasn’t letting it get me too down because I had a pretty cool experience that morning.  Personal trainer/ninja, Tony Gentilcore took some time to look over this blog and give me some great feedback as to how to improve it as well as what works about it.

Maybe some of you aren’t familiar with Tony, or his work.  To put it simply he is, in my opinion, one of the top minds in the field of strength and conditioning. (I mean, you’ve got to pretty awesome to work in two He-Man references to a blog in one week.)  So to have him take the time to give me some feedback was almost as exciting as when my parents got my siblings and me the original Nintendo for Christmas.

I basically looked like this kid (with a little more dignity, of course):

Needless to say, it was a rewarding experience and definitely motivating. Feel free to give Tony’s blog some love here.

Here are some great reads:

-An interesting read on the benefits of eating grass-fed beef instead of the hormone/antibiotic/corn filled kind.

-A good blog by Mike Robertson on Conquering the Chin-up.

-A new take on an old exercise: The Push Back Push-up by Nick Tumminello.

Happy reading!


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