Random Friday

Here’s this weeks randomness.

-I’ve been a little more video heavy on content this week, and from the responses I’ve been getting it seems like people like that sort of thing.  I’ll be shooting quite a bit more video this weekend for a new distance coaching client I have, so I’ll keep up with posting some video-based stuff a little more regularly.

-I was humbled a bit this morning with a client I’ve been training for a while.  She has suffered an injury, and in my having to be creative to train around it, I found myself using some fitness “tools” that I have all but demonized in the past.  I guess it’s good to keep in open mind.  I’ll post more on this next week.

-I mention on Monday that the highlight of the Ingrid Michaelson concert we went to last week was her cover of R.E.M.’s “Night Swimming”.  I found decent video of it on youtube.  As great as it is, it’s not even close to having seen it live.

(And yes, that is solely her voice, looped over and over.)

-Remember to turn your clocks back this Saturday night.

Have a good weekend!


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