Random Friday

I was just sitting here, eating my breakfast (cottage cheese, greek yogurt and almonds) and mentally preparing for this mornings workout when I thought “Hey mister, why don’t you write this weeks Random Friday blog?”  So that’s what I’m doing.

-My wife and I, along with a couple friends, are going to dinner tonight and then to see Ingrid Michaelson.  We saw her about a year ago and it was easily one of the best shows I have ever seen.  If you ever get the chance to see her-GO.  And yes, I’m going to eat what I feel like eating and maybe have dessert.  It’s OK to have a couple cheat meals throughout the week as long as they’re planned and you are sticking to a healthy diet the rest of the time.

(Whoever shot this video didn’t do a very good job, but it’s pretty good sound quality for a live recording.)

-I’ve been toying around with more barefoot training with myself, and I have to say I’m really liking it.  I’ve started doing all my warm-up stuff in my socks as well as some of my lower-body lifts.  It’s making a difference in my ankle mobility as well as my balance.  Here’s a great article by Eric Cressey discussing why our modern footwear could be more detrimental than helpful.

-I mentioned a few week ago that I would be interviewing a chiropractor that I met at the Boise Health and Fitness Fair.  We’ve been doing the interview this week, so be looking for that towards the end of next week.

-I know I already said it this week but, peanut butter and banana sandwiches (especially in flatout bread) are awesome!

Have a good weekend!


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