Exercises you should be doing: Swiss Ball Roll-outs

Just to let all of you know, I recently spent a whopping $17 dollars to make this blog a little more official.  Instead of michaelgrayfitness.wordpress.com it is now simply michaelgrayfitness.com.  It’s a little easier to remember, as well as to say.  The old address will still take you here, but the new one will make it easier for you to tell your friends when your going on and on to them about this amazing blog you read all the time.  I’m really just thinking of you here.

It makes absolutely no sense to have this picture here.

As I’ve mentioned before the main roll of the abs is to provide stability throughout the torso.  This is why I train my clients abs (as well as my own) to do just that.  One of my favorite exercises to promote stability is the Swiss Ball Roll-Out.  This exercise, when done correctly, is very challenging and will most likely leave you with no doubt that you’ve trained your abs.

Here’s what it looks like:

Here’s how to do it:

-Start on your knees, facing a Swiss Ball with your hands on the side of the ball closest to you.  If you start with your hands on top of the ball you will wind up laying on it when you extend out.

-Keeping the abs tight, roll the ball away from you.  Extend out as far as you can while still able to maintain a tight mid-section.  If your hips sag or your butt sticks out, you’ve gone too far.

-Pause briefly, and pull back in using the abs.  Make sure you don’t pull in using your arms.

-Do not stick your butt out.  This completely ruins the efficacy of the exercise.

Here is a more advanced variation of the same exercise, the Barbell Roll-out:

The same rules apply for this as for the Swiss Ball variation.



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