Online Personal Training

There are usually three reasons people give for not being able to do personal trianing.

-Time (Our schedules don’t line up.)

-Distance (You live too far from me.)

-Finances (Your piggy bank’s hurting.)

I completely understand that some or all of these can absolutely be legitimate reasons.  This is why I offer online personal training.

-You do it at a time that is convienient for you.

-Since it’s all done online, it doesn’t matter how far from me you live.

-It’s quite a bit cheaper than training in person.

(Just to let you know today is a bit of information and a bit of a sales pitch.  I promise these won’t happen too often.)

What you can expect from me with online personal training:

A completely unique program, designed specifically around your needs and goals as well as recreational activities.  If you take someone who likes to golf and someone who likes to run, I guarantee they are going to have different imbalances.  The repetative motions each of them experience during these activites are completely different.  This means they will need to strengthen different areas as well as have aches and pains in different areas.  All things that cookie cutter programs do not address.

My full attention.  A lot of online programs I’ve seen simply give you a list of exercises as well as rep/set schemes.  After that it’s simply “OK, now go have fun!”  This kind of misses the “personal” aspect of personal training.  With me, you get continual daily support as you need it.  For example, one of my regular clients sent me a text the other day that said, “I’m not going to be able to make it to the gym.  What can I do at home?”  My response was to write her up a bodyweight routine that she could perform at home in lieu of what she would normally have done at the gym.  You also have access to me for questions about your program, nutritional support, etc.

Videos for every exercise.  This includes warm-up, mobility work as well as strength training.  I feel this is something that really sets my online training apart from others.  I could tell you to do a Barbell Reverse Lunge with Front Squat Grip, but you would probably have no clue what that means.  Of course, you could look that up on youtube and hopefully get a demonstration that maybe shows somewhat decent form.  But I would much rather show you myself.

My “expertise”.  I use the term “expertise” VERY loosely.  I’ve only been in this game for a couple years which makes me very young.  At the same time the average trainer only lasts about a year.  Also, I spend between 8-10 hours a week reading, researching and studying how to become better at what I do.  For example, yesterday I had a client of mine “walk” into a session hunched over and limping due to a great deal of pain in her right glute and hip.  So we completely threw out what we were going to do (it would have been borderline abuse to even try and attempt it) and spent our time getting her feeling a bit better.  None of the things I had her do were things that I learned while going through my personal trainer’s course.  They were all things I’ve learned since then through my own continuing education.   Incidentally, she walked out of that session upright.

Results.  This was an actual online training client of mine.  Before and 4 weeks later.  This client lost 10 lbs. and had  decrease of 3% body fat.

Online training can be a great tool for you in your fat loss or strength gain goals.  It’s perfect for those who live too far away to meet or for those who live in the same town as me but need a more affordable way to train.  If you or someone you know is interested check out the services page for more info and feel free to contact me.


6 thoughts on “Online Personal Training

  1. I have trained with michael before and there is an unprecedented level of dedication that he displays even in emails and encouraging texts. If some of you out there choose to do this let it be known that he will hold you accountable in every way and take your successes and failures personally. Thats what makes him so good.

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