What I’m eating

I get asked a lot what I eat.  So I thought it might make for a somewhat interesting blog post to talk about a few of the staples I have in my diet.  I tend to eat the same things for a while (it takes the thinking out of it) so I’ll mention some of those too.

Spinach.  This is pretty much my “go to” green vegetable.  I put it eggs, in a sandwich or wrap, I even put it in my protein shakes.  (You don’t taste it.)  It’s super versatile and incredibly nutrient dense.  Not to mention it’s crazy low calorie.

Protein Shakes.  Usually I mix mine in water.  They take about 10 seconds to make and provide anywhere between 20-30 grams of easily digestible protein.  You can mix them in milk if water is too thin for your liking.

Turkey Bacon.  This took me a few tries to get into.  It’s kind of got a bacon taste to it, but after eating it a few times I didn’t think about it being different.  This goes in pretty much every one of my omelets or batch of scrambled eggs.  It’s got a lot less fat and calories than regular bacon.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-fat (or even anti-saturated fat) but it’s a good way to reduce caloric intake.

Flatout Bread.  Although this goes against my general rule of thumb to eat foods that are low in number of ingredients, these aren’t too bad on the nutrition facts side of things.  They boast 100 calories, 8 grams of fiber and only 1 gram of sugar.  I use these for breakfast burritos and wraps.  They’re not amazing but they get the job done.

Greek Yogurt.  This has been a regular attender in my diet for a while now.  Admittedly I can’t stand cottage cheese.  I think it’s quite disgusting.  The only way I can eat is by covering it in yogurt.  I had a problem doing this with regular yogurt due to the high fructose corn syrup and sugar content.  As well as the paltry amount of protein.  Then Greek yogurt stepped into my life.  My personal favorite brand is Chobani.  Completely natural and a whoping 14 grams of protein.  Mix this with some cottage cheese, blueberries and handful of almonds and you’ve got a mighty fine on-the-go breakfast.

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich.  This is a new one for me, but I love it.  It’s incredibly quick and easy to make.  A couple slices of whole grain bread, some natural peanut butter (yes, natural-not the regular crap people buy that’s basically the filling of a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.) and a banana.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

So how about you?  What are you eating?


4 thoughts on “What I’m eating

  1. Well, since you asked (and since I am avoiding my adult responsibilities) . . .

    On a good day:
    Protein shakes – Whichever flavor doesn’t make me gag. (Protein shakes start out tasty but after 2-3wks on same flavor, I am D-O-N-E.)
    Fruits – Love any type of fruit. Apples, grapes and bananas have been this month’s fruit of choice.
    Veggies – Love any type of veggie but the most common in my house is spinach and carrots.

    On a bad day:
    I plead the fifth. But I am sure it includes (but is not limited to) sugary substances laced in sugar with sugar sprinkles on top and pepperocini’s.

  2. Spinach…check, protein shakes (vanilla ice cream flavor is my fave)…..check, Turkey sausage instead of turkey bacon….check, Flatout bread and whole wheat pita bread…check, Nonfat Greek yogurt…almost every day, peanut butter and banana pita pockets instead of on bread…..even better.
    I have also been on an Albacore tuna kick lately. Some of my other staples include egg whites, raw almonds, homemade hummus, and oatmeal.

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