Feel Better

Do you ever hear someone say something and think “Did they really just say that?”  Maybe you catch the very end of a conversation and think, “They couldn’t possible have meant that.”  I had one of those experiences the other day.

I had just finished up a session with a client and was picking up after myself.  (Yes, I do occasionally pick up after myself.)  I had left my foam roll and lacrosse ball out and a couple women had spied them.

One of them asked the other, “Have you ever used one of those foam things?”  To which the second woman replied, “Yeah, I used one once, but I didn’t feel any better afterwards.”

Really…you tried it…once?

To me, that’s the equivalent of saying, “I worked out once, but I didn’t lose any weight.”

Foam rolling/using a lacrosse ball is not a magic, one time fix.  It’s something you need to do religiously to see benefits from.  To think that you can undue years of built up scar tissue and adhesions in the muscle in just a few minutes is pretty ridiculous.  You can make progress each time you foam roll, but I tell my clients that it’s probably going to take 6-10 sessions of rolling to start to feel the benefits of it, especially in the places that are really bound up.

If you’re foam rolling, take your time with it.  Keep at it, and certainly don’t disregard it because it didn’t work after one try.

You can purchase a foam roll here.

And a lacrosse ball here, or at a local lacrosse store.

Foam rolling, can be a bit painful, and it isnt always incredibly fun.  You can’t see it, but in the following video from about 0:27-0:33, I’m trying not to cry.  (I’m only half joking.  Oh, and yes I know my socks are dirty.  I had been deadlifting earlier in the day which of course is done with the shoes off and so they got a little dirty, OK?  Yes, I know how to wash my socks.  I just lay them on the top rack with the bowls and tupperware right?)

Keep at it.  It does pay off.


4 thoughts on “Feel Better

    • It’s for breaking up dense areas of muscle tissue (adhesions, scar tissue, etc.) to improve muscle tissue quality. Investing in a foam roller and/or a lacrosse ball is definitely worth it.

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