Fat Burning Bodyweight Workout

I just finished up writing some programs for a new distant coaching client last night.  I have to say that while my favorite way to train people is in person, the online aproach is definitely fun as well.  It’s a different approach, but since it’s all internet based, it provides me opportunities to train people I would never be able to other-wise.  (For more information on distance coaching, click here.)

 Anyway, part of this clients programs included (as all my programs do) some metabolic conditioning workouts.  Since this client is only going to be able to go to the gym once a week, his other two programs had to be designed so he could do them at home with very minimal equipment (a stability ball). 

To be honest, this wasn’t much of a stretch for me as most of the time the clients I work with personally do bodyweight metabolic workouts.  I thought I would share one of the routines I designed for him, with accompanying videos.  (I know I’ve been promising this for a couple weeks.)

Here is the basic layout:

(For some reason my videos won’t post today, so just click on the name of each exericse to view them on my youtube channel.)

Prisoner Squats (15 reps)

Heidens  (6/side)

T Push up  (4/side)

Inchworms  (8 reps)

Spiderman Planks  (10/side)

Complete all exercises without rest.  Once complete, rest 2 minutes.  Complete 5 total rounds.

Give it a shot and let me know how you like it!


3 thoughts on “Fat Burning Bodyweight Workout

  1. Hey Mike,
    I didn’t have time to hit the gym today so I decided to try this workout. I love the dynamic moves that are involved in some of your exercises. The inchworms and spiderman planks kicked my butt the most. I love the Heidens and plan on continuing those to help me train for the ski season. Thanks for the workout! I look forward to future workout challenges!

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