I’ve always believed that music helps me get more out of my training sessions.  Unfortunately most gyms have to play music that is palatable for everyone and at a volume that isn’t too abrasive.  (Which I understand.)  But for me, personally, this doesn’t cut it.  Popping in my headphones and cranking up my ipod with some really aggressive music keeps me focused and keeps me from getting distracted by others in the gym who want to have conversations.  Not that I want to be rude, but when it’s my workout time, that’s all I’m focused on.

Here are some of my favorite bands/songs to listen to:

Rage Against the Machine

-Killing In the Name Of

-Know Your Enemy


Pearl Jam



Do the Evolution







-Sick Sad Little World

-Certain Shade of Green


Lonely Nation

-Meant to Live

The Sound

Of course there are several more that I listen to on a regular basis.  How about you all?  What are songs that you listen to that get you motivated to lift heavy weights, run long distances or kick your own butt?  Feel free to post links in your comments!