Working in a gym you see some pretty silly/crazy/stupid/dangerous things.

Case in point:

I see a young twenty-something kid walk in the doors.  He heads straight for the bench press.  Loads up 205, and goes right to work.  His first rep (yes rep…NOT set) looks like he all but soiled himself.  On the second rep, he barely squeaks out enough height to set it on the lower pins (so maybe 6 inches off his body) all while having the bar at almost a 45 degree angle to the floor. (Yeah, he had that great of an imbalance from his right to left side, but thought he should just bang out a heavy single and a half right from the get go).

If he had spent the time to properly warm-up, he might have been able to get a solid double, or more.

When I pulled my deadlift PR last week, in no way did I throw 365 on the bar and give it a pull.  I spent at least 15 minutes foam rolling.  Then I took another 10 minutes or so for my dynamic warm-up and some mobility and movement work.  Things like I mentioned here.

After all this, I finally grabbed the bar, an empty bar.  I worked through 15-20 reps with a measly 45 pounds to groove my movement, and to get everything firing that I needed to be firing.  From there, it looked like this:

115 x 8

175 x 5

205 x 3

255 x 3

285 x 1

315 x 1

365 x 1 (PR)

If this kid hadn’t been in such a rush to get his ego on, he would have been better off doing something like this:

Bar x 10-20 (grooving the movement)

95 x 6

135 x 3

185 x 3

205 x 2+

It’s always important to warm-up, but especially with heavy lifts (1-5 reps) take the time to groove your movements and activate your central nervous system to set yourself up for success.

Don’t be this guy:


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