A little life lesson…

(I dont know why the fonts won’t match up in this entry, but just an fyi-I find it quite annoying)

The following is based on true events. Names have been changed to protect the identity of the ignorant.

My deadlift is nothing fantastic by any stretch of the imagination. Currently, my one-rep max is 340. Nothing to write home about considering the fact that others weighing roughly the same as me are pulling twice that much.

Mr. Cressey, please demonstrate...

However, I am pleased with the fact that I can pull what I can and that I am diligently working towards getting that number up. (My current goal is to pull 405 by Jan. 1, 2011). For my maximum effort lifts I’m usually working with a weight between 245-305 depending on the set/rep parameters I have for the day.

A few months ago, I was pulling 285 for 4×3 (again, nothing too impressive) when someone at my gym took a break between his grueling sets of bicep curls to make a comment about the fact that I was deadlifting. The conversation went as follows:

Mr. E.O.D.I.M.S.A.B.M.B. (Every Other Day I Make Sure And Blast My Biceps): “So you’re deadlifting huh?”

Me: “Yeah, trying anyway.”

Mr. E.O.D.I.M.S.A.B.M.B: “How much you got on there?”

Me: “285.”

Mr. E.O.D.I.M.S.A.B.M.B: “…(scoffs)……Pu**y…”

Me: “Yeah. It’s nothing too impressive, but it’s work for me. What do you pull?”

Mr. E.O.D.I.M.S.A.B.M.B: “Oh…uh……I don’t deadlift……”

Me: “……………………” (fighting the urge to karate chop him in the face)

MORAL OF THE STORY: It’s easy to make judgment calls on things you haven’t ever tried, or don’t do. But people who do this often find themselves missing out on the benefits of things that require more effort to learn or execute. If you’re going to get really good at something, you have to start somewhere. Everyone who can deadlift 500+ pounds had to pull 285 at some point. Every guitar aficionado butchered basic chords when they were first learning. And every one else who has achieved greatness in something started at the beginning. If you want to be great, or just pretty good at anything, whether in the gym or out, you can’t be embarrassed to start with the basics. The things that are more technical have a much greater payoff then those that are easy.

Case in point: deadlifts will do more for your strength, physique and confidence than seven types of bicep curls ever will.

SIDE NOTE: As I mentioned last week, I will be testing my 1 rep max for the deadlift today.  My hope is to get a new PR.  And, as I also mentioned last week, I will record my efforts and post them up on the blog tomorrow (Tuesday).  Here’s to hoping for something worth putting up!


4 thoughts on “A little life lesson…

  1. Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to start at the bottom – and that it does take time to become accomplished at any skill really worth having. I needed that! Hope you have a great pull today!

  2. You are amazing…i would not doubt your skills!!!! In the words of my trainer…”tight abs…tight abs!!!!!!” Thanks for the reminder….good luck

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