Goals part dos & abs

I’m just a bit hesitant starting my blog like this today.  But in an effort for me to “do like I say to do” I’m going to do it anyway.

Last week I posted a blog about goalsThe basic point was a challenge to clearly define your goals and then make them public with people you know will keep you accountable to those goals.  I also shared one of my current goals (deadlifting 405 by Jan 1, 2011) with all of you, which made my goal even more public.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have a ways to go to reach 405 (65 lbs), but I’m feeling pretty good/confident about reaching it by the new year.

This week I’m backing off quite a bit from my training, reducing my volume and work load due to the fact that I’m planning on testing my 1 rep deadlift max and pulling a new PR (personal record) this next Monday.  My hope is that I pull 365.  This would be a 25 lb. increase from my previous PR and I will be crazy stoked if/when I get it on Monday.

I’ve found, for myself, that when I back off for a week and follow it with a 1 rep max effort, I usually have a pretty good jump in my numbers.  So this week will be pretty full of some body weight exercises, low intensity metabolic conditioning, rest, water and a crap load of foam rolling.

Here’s the part I’m hesitant about: I promise to record my effort next Monday and post it here.  No matter the results.  If  I pull a new PR, it’ll be up here.  If I have an epic fail…it’ll be up here too.  (YIKES!)  I know that having the possibility of sharing a failed pull with a whole lot of people in the back of my mind will give me some extra oomph in my pull.

So be looking for that next Tuesday.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be recording some new video content for all of you this week.  Here’s a video of an core strengthening exercise I use quite a bit with clients.

Elbow Touches:

-Begin in a push up position and spread your legs apart.  (You’ll need to for stability)

-From this position lift one arm and touch the opposite elbow.

-The important thing here is to minimize the shifting of the hips as you transfer your body weight back and forth from hand to hand.  If you’re hips can’t stay relatively stable make sure you’re keeping your abs tight through the entire movement and try spreading your feet further apart.

-As you improve on these, bring your feet closer together to make them more challenging.

Try them out and let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “Goals part dos & abs

  1. Foam rolling? Never heard about it. Just did it for my first time w/Senior Juan (I mean John). Must pause to try your plank elbow touches . . . . Ok, I am back. I felt on my sides of the front of the stomach (I am sure there is a name for that muscle). Good exersize. I also tried your spiderman planks. Good exersize.

    That’s all I’ve got.

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