Excuses, excuses, excuses…

I apparently touched a nerve with a few people in my first legitimate blog, I am woman hear me grunt! I was honestly surprised at some of the comments I received on Facebook and in my email.

In that post I discussed a client I have that has been shattering the typical mold as far as what it means for women to train and be strong and lean.  I received comments like “well obviously her gym has a daycare, so that’s why she can train like she does,” and “obviously she’s a stay at home mom.”  I can’t tell you how much these kind of comments infuriated me.  First of all, these people completely missed the point of the blog, which was: female refuses to give in to pressures of society and is actually happy with her body.  The fact that some people missed that was pretty telling to me.  Why is it that when we hear of someone being successful at something we wish we were at the very least attempting, we start to come up with reasons that 1. we are unable, under any circumstances to do the same thing, and 2. it is much easier for said person to achieve these goals.

Case in point: “I can’t do that because my gym doesn’t have a day care.” And, “It’s much easier for her because she’s a stay at home mom”.

(A quick side rant: First of all, since when is being a stay at home mom easy?  Let alone in this circumstance.  I’ve been training this girl throughout the summer.  Which means all 5 of her kids are at home all day long.  But sure, that’s not stressful at all, right?  She also has a new born.  But I’m sure he sleeps through the night all night long and isn’t exhausting at all, right?  And to top it all off, she’s been dealing with the horrible situation of a terminally ill family member, as well as organizing a MASSIVE fundraiser for him and his family.  If anyone has had decent excuses to neglect her health, it’s been her…rant over).

While I understand that it was only a handful of people who made these comments, I think it brings up a greater point that we can all take something from.

If we stop for a second and look at common excuses, they definitely have a huge assumption behind them.  Here are a few examples:

Excuse: “I can’t train because my gym doesn’t have a daycare.”

Assumption: “People with kids are only able to train if they belong to a gym with a daycare.”

Excuse: “Obviously, she’s a stay at home mom.”

Assumption: “Only moms who don’t work have time to train.”

Excuse: “I just don’t have time.”

Assumption: “Everyone who makes time to train isn’t as busy as you are.”

Do you see how this works? We make these huge assumptions that fall through if we look at them just a bit.  Really, you don’t have time?  What are you doing at 5:00am?  I know when I get to work at that time, I’m usually training 3-4 people who are making time to train, not coming up with excuses.  Not to mention the gym is usually full of another 15-20 people.  And yes, they all have jobs and kids and lives, just like everyone else.

People seem to think that training is such an inconvenience.  But isn’t feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, having no energy, buying bigger pants every year and feeling old age settle in much worse?

But I forgot, these people are different.  They just don’t have the time to take care of themselves.  Even though I’d be willing to bet they can sum up the last season of Dancing with the Stars, Lost and Jersey Shore.  (Seriously, what is up with that show?)

I find it hard to believe that an individual can’t find 3-4 hours in a week to improve their health.  Yes, it might take some sacrifice.  But I promise, not making the time comes with a much bigger sacrifice.

Speaking of not making excuses, how about this guy:

Again, speaking of “no excuses”, here’s some audio enjoyment from the days of my youth:

So where are areas you are making excuses?  Are you telling yourself you can’t make it to the gym when you waste hours watching TV or surfing the internet?  Are you telling yourself that your metabolism sucks and that’s why you can’t lose weight when your eating crappy, non-nutritional food? Think about what excuses you might be making, and then turn them on their head, refusing to accept them any longer.

On the other hand, I did get several responses from people about how much they loved “I am woman, hear me grunt!”  Congrats for being inspired rather than intimidated.  Keep up the good work!


9 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses, excuses…

  1. Mike I loved this post. (Now I am going to have to read the rest of them) When I dont work out it is simply because I didn’t make the time to do it. I hate going for a jog at 8 at night, but that is the time that works for me. People will give you every excuss that they can, but when it all comes down to it… “if there is no will, there is no way”. Good job on the blog!!

  2. Michael,
    Jen linked your blog – I had to read it. Thank you for encouraging me to find some drive – and to continue to let go of unrealistic ideals (this is a work in progress!). While today is a rest day (planned) – I was already thinking of reasons to skip tomorrow – thanks for the motivation… You’ve got a great way with words!

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