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Now, on to my first real post…

Let’s face it, it’s gotta be pretty tough being a woman in this day and age.  They are inundated with images, magazine articles, fitness “experts” and idiot boyfriends that tell them they need to be skinnier, as well as smaller in certain areas and bigger in others just to be attractive.  I can’t tell you how much that ticks me off.  Especially when I have female clients coming to me who are so dissatisfied with their bodies, that they can hardly stand to look at themselves in the mirror.

This blog theme (” I am woman, hear me grunt!”) will be a recurring one that highlights women I train who are going against the grain, loving their bodies the way they are, lifting heavy weight (hence the grunting), learning to embrace being strong and understanding that getting stronger is the best way to get and stay lean.

This blog theme is my “go play in traffic” to  everyone who tells women they can’t be strong and attractive.  That they can’t work hard and be feminine.  And that they can’t lift more than 5 pounds or they will look like a man.

Here’s the first of what I’m sure will be many:

Amber is a young mom who just had her fifth child a few months ago.  Now according to popular belief, after having kids a woman should just come to the realization that her body will never be the same and that being fit and trim just isn’t a reality right?

Not for Amber.

She’s been coming to me for a few months now and is losing pounds as well as inches.  Granted she is post pregnancy so some of that can be expected, but I think we all know women who have never lost a single pound that they gained during pregnancy, so congrats to her for not giving in to an easy excuse for not losing the baby weight.

Amber also stopped getting fake nails put on because they were getting in the way during her workouts and she felt like it was more important to get the most out of what we were doing in our sessions than having fake nails.  In other words, she felt like lifting heavy weight, getting stronger and leaner was more feminine that having long, french manicured nails (do I lose my man-card for knowing they were french manicured??).

I hear a lot from women that they don’t have time to make it to the gym because of their kids, they’re just too busy being a mom to make time for themselves.  I’ve met four of Amber’s kids because if she has to, she brings them to the gym with her.  She’s not making excuses and coming up with reasons to not have the body she wants.  She’s embracing the fact that even busy mom’s (remember: 5 kids) can be strong, fit, healthy and feminine.  She’s also setting a great example for her kids by showing them that exercise is an important part of life.

She’s not picking up the little pink dumbbells and running endless hours on the treadmill. (In fact, we spend little to no time on the treadmill) And she is seeing noticeable gains…weekly.  She’s not afraid to try and lift more weight than the previous week or get in an extra rep.  In fact, these are the reasons she’s making such great gains.  Oh, and she’s also not constantly worrying about getting “big and bulky”.

You know why…

Because its not happening.

Here are just some of the things I have Amber do in our sessions:

-Heavy Deadlifts/Rack Pulls

-Pushups (legit ones)

-Heavy Rows and Pulldowns

-Push Presses

-Sled Pushes

-Sledge Hammer Swings

-Tire Flips

-Kettlebell Swings

and on and on and on……

Kudos to Amber for shattering the mold!